17 Reasons to Avoid Stress

We know we should avoid stress. Stress fatigues us, changes our mood, and disturbs our sleep patterns, but research is starting to show that it has much more serious implications.

Stress is internal or external influences that disrupt a person’s normal state of well-being. These influences are capable of affecting health by causing emotional distress and leading to a variety of physiological changes. These changes include increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and a dramatic rise in hormone levels.

The information on this infographic is based on research studies completed over the last few years, and shows the extraordinary effect that mental health can have on our physical well-being. Now is the time to declutter, simplify, and de-stress your life!

Source: The Adrenal Fatigue Solution: A Guide to Recovering from Stress, Burnout and the Pressures of Modern Life

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