About Focus Adolescent Services

Focus Adolescent Services: Our Mission and Work

Focus Adolescent Services began in 1997 to meet the needs of both parents and professionals looking for information and help in dealing with adolescents having behavioral and emotional problems.

Over 17 years later, Focus Adolescent Services has come to be recognized as a leader in providing information and resources on teen and family issues, and has earned a highly regarded and well-established reputation in this field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide information and resources to empower individuals to help their teens and heal their families, and to support those serving them.

Focus Adolescent Services has adhered to this mission since its beginning, helping to save youth and families. We are committed to being a well-respected leader in empowering families to rebuild their relationships and reconnect in positive and loving ways.

Professionals from the medical, mental health, and academic fields, youth workers, researchers, those in media, and students find valuable information at Focus Adolescent Services to help them in their work and study. The free availability of the Focus website reflects our commitment to disseminate knowledge to the widest possible audience.

Our Helpline

The Focus Adolescent Services Helpline (443-358-4691) is a confidential information and referral service for families with troubled teens who want to speak with a counselor or those who are searching for information, resources, and intervention options. Our counselors are trained in active listening and crisis assessment, and all callers receive unconditional positive regard.

The Focus Helpline is not intended as a general crisis hotline. Click here for a listing of hotlines and crisis lines in the United States and worldwide. Crisis numbers and local hotlines also can be in found in the front of your local phone book.

Our Independence

Focus Adolescent Services is an independent entity and is NOT affiliated with any private, public or government agency or organization, nor under the direction of any individual or group.

References or links from these pages to other pages outside Focus Adolescent Services do not necessarily constitute any endorsement or recommendation. Focus Adolescent Services is not responsible for the contents of any pages outside our control.

Focus Adolescent Services is primarily funded and supported through your financial gifts. Limited funding comes from comes from advertising the best helping resources and services. Additional funding comes from sponsored links, the sale of books and other products at  Amazon and other select affiliate programs, such as The Total Transformation Program and Awesome Grades.

Focus Adolescent Services holds all rights to accept or decline any source of funding or advertising at its sole discretion. Focus Adolescent Services is not responsible, or liable, or held accountable to any individual, agency, or affiliate program as to its content simply by the acceptance of any said monies for funding or other purposes, and/or is neither held contractually by such monies, with or without the implied intent of such parties to list or use information and/or content on Focus Adolescent Services.

Your Independence

Information contained in Focus Adolescent Services or on any linked sites is not intended as medical advice. Its intent is solely informational and educational so that you can take positive action in helping your teen and family. Readers are advised to exercise their own further informed review, judgment, and evaluation in the selection of any and all programs,  services, and health information.



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