Boarding Schools and Residential Programs

Focus Adolescent Services recommends the following boarding schools and residential programs for troubled and struggling teens. Please visit the websites or call the school or program directly for further information.

Agape Youth Ranch AcademyAgape Youth Ranch Academynestled in the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains in southeast Arizona, is a Christian residential academic program providing positive life-changing experiences for struggling and at-risk boys and girls, ages 13-17. 480-471-8253

Biblical principles and values underlie the Ranch’s unique education, character-building, and animal-care program components. Each student participates in daily ranch chores and activities, and is assigned his/her own horse and dog to care for, work with, and befriend. Working with animals develops responsibility, respect, self-control, honesty, caring, courage to persevere through challenges, and accountability.The individualized self-paced academic program allows each student to move ahead only when he/she fully understands and masters the material. The goal is to bring the student up to or beyond their current academic level. At the Ranch Academy, teens learn new ways of learning, thinking, relating, and responding in a healthy, productive, and life-affirming manner. The Ranch Academy is currently offering substantial reduction in the monthly fee and waivers on many of the admission costs. Low-cost education loans and scholarships are also available.

Diamonds in the Rough

Diamonds in the Rough is a faith-based residential life-coaching retreat benefiting girls, ages 13-18.  202-552-1458 [Brochure]

In a safe, comfortable, nurturing, and family-oriented environment, Diamonds in the Rough supports self-exploration, open and effective communication, and gives the necessary tools to learn self-sufficiency and self-guided redirection from negative circumstances, mindsets, and environmental influences. As a diamond endures the refinement process to be formed into its full vibrant potential, such is the process for discovering one’s true value and purpose, getting inspired to pursue one’s personal best and planning for a healthy and productive future. Diamonds in the Rough has a maximum capacity of ten girls per group to ensure close personal attention, essential to providing a quality experience for all. Diamonds in the Rough also offers Summer Self-Esteem Camps, weekend retreats for girls and young adult women, and non-residential programs. Located in the Greater Washington, D.C. area, Diamonds in the Rough was founded by Kimberly James, Certified Life Coach and author of Running on G: What’s in Your Tank?

Future MenFuture Men is a Christian residential program for young men, ages 16-20, with year-round enrollment.  417-546-4171

Building mental and moral qualities is the heart of Future Men’s program. Biblical counseling and worldview training is provided in a safe, structured, and family environment. Future Men provides individualized academics in a tutorial setting so that all students complete their high school requirements and receive a diploma. In the Apprenticeship Program, each student works hand-in-hand with an area business, learning a trade skill. Choices include electrical work, plumbing, real estate sales, firefighting, animal health technician, glass installation, auto painting, landscaping, airport security and service, computer programming, welding, and construction. Located in the beautiful Ozark mountains of rural Missouri, Future Men helps its students to reach their full potential by assisting them to embrace the responsibilities and freedoms that come with true manhood. Read The Value of Work by Aaron Boldman, Director of Future Men. Watch the video, Getting Out of Denial.


Shelterwood is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for teen boys and girls, with year-round enrollment.  800-584-5005

Founded in 1970, Shelterwood provides accredited academics, individual, group and family counseling, outdoor therapy, mentorship program, life skills learning experiences, spiritual retreats, family retreat weekends, and service projects ― watch the video of Shelterwood’s 2013 trip to Haiti for The Global Orphan Project. Shelterwood is located in the Kansas City area, surrounded by 200 wooded acres of rolling hills in the beautiful Missouri River Basin.

The Academy at Sisters

The Academy at Sisters is a therapeutic boarding school for girls, ages 13-18, located in beautiful Bend, Oregon, at the base of the Three Sisters Mountains ― Faith, Hope, Charity.  800-910-0412

The Academy offers a unique learning program that promotes integrity and develops critical thinking in an atmosphere of positive relationships and mutual respect. Addressing each girl’s personal, social, emotional, and mental health issues, the Academy offers personalized therapeutic treatment using a cognitive-behavioral approach along with equine-assisted psychotherapy. As The Academy at Sisters is a small school, with a low teacher-student ratio, the academic program addresses a variety of needs ― from the mildly learning-disabled student to the accelerated high-achiever, offering remedial to advanced coursework. In addition, the Academy helps build entrepreneurial skills through its unique business leadership program. Watch the video!

Focus Adolescent Services is not a marketing company. No sales commission is received for school and program placements/enrollments generated through exposure and recommendation by Focus Adolescent Services.

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Boarding Schools and Residential Programs — 903 Comments

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