How is your child?

How is your child?

POSTER - FB Cover - boy, fatherThese question are a guide to recognizing if your teen is at risk, displaying self-destructive behaviors, and needs your help and intervention.

Answer honestly.

Is your child angry?

Does your child become belligerent when s/he does not get her/his own way?

Is your child secretive or have an unusual desire for privacy?

Does your child use abusive or offensive languate to you and other family members?

Is your child getting in trouble at school?

Have there been problems in school attendance or tardiness?

Is your child failing classes or have grades gone down?

Is your child frequently out late without your permission?

Does your child have friends who are also making poor decisions?

Is your child hanging around with older teens or adults?

Does your child have new friends and do you know who they are?

Is your child defiant?

Has your child been involved in fights and disturbances in the community or at school?

Is your child sexually active?

Has your child tried to run away?

Does your child self-injure, or cut markings into his or her skin?

Has your child withdrawn from family activities?

Have there been abrupt changes in your child’s personality and behavior?

Have your child’s eating habits changed?

Does your child break curfew rules or laws?

Do you suspect your child is using alcohol or other drugs?

Has your child stolen money from you?

Does your child have unexplained cash, new clothes, or material items?

Has your child destroyed property in your home?

Has there been a change in your child’s clothing style?

Has your child been violent at home?

Does your child listen to music with violent, sadistic, or degrading lyrics?

Have you ever needed to call the police for help with your child?

How is your child’s behavior affecting your work?

How is your child’s behavior affecting your marriage, home, and family?

Are you satisfied with the way things are?

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