Tools for Change: The Total Transformation® Program

The Total Transformation® empowers parents, mental health professionals, educators, and youth workers to help children and teens change troubled behavior.



Youth with behavioral and emotional problems need to be empowered with skills to manage their daily functioning and social/behavioral interactions. In my experience, children with a wide variety of diagnoses share one common characteristic: the inability to solve the problems they encounter on a daily basis. ― James Lehman

The Total Transformation® teaches you how to give your child more effective ways to solve problems than fighting, screaming, annoying, and defiance. Your son or daughter will learn a simple system that will enable him or her to handle problems and challenges appropriately, without acting out.

The Total Transformation® uses cognitive learning theory and behavioral management techniques that give your child ― and you ― better results. You’ll learn these tools for change:

16 Characteristics and Practices of Children and Teens with Disrespectful Behavior.  Rather than seeing their child’s behavior as unmanageable emotion, parents can learn to “read” and understand it.  A close-up look at The Victim Stance, Uniqueness, One-Way Boundaries, Fake Apologies, The Turnaround, and more.

7 Ineffective Parenting Styles.  Bottomless Pockets, The Over-Negotiator, The Ticket Puncher, The Screamer, The Martyr, The Savior, The Perfectionist.  An eye-opening yet nonjudgmental approach that helps parents identify styles that are ineffective — and learn new roles that are effective in communicating with children and teens.

There’s No Excuse for Abuse.  How to put a stop to a child’s physical and verbal abuse.

Culture of Accountability.  A practical way to get kids to stop blaming others for their problems and take responsibility for their behavior.

Disconnect.  The words to say and steps to take to stop arguments and tantrums once they start — and before they start.

Consequences not “Punishment.”  A unique approach to consequences that teaches and motivates children to change, and then gives them the actual steps to do so.

The Myth of Self-Esteem.  False self-esteem leads to a sense of entitlement and does not promote behavioral change.  Total Transformation gives parents a way to promote genuine self-esteem through accomplishment in their children.

The Alternative Response.  A problem-solving dialogue that helps young people identify what triggers their inappropriate behavior and then choose a better behavioral strategy next time.

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