Attachment Parenting Support, Attachment Disorder Help

Organizations and groups that provide help and support for attachment parenting, attachment issues, and attachment disorders resulting from adverse childhood experiences (ACE).

ACEs Connection  This community of practice uses trauma-informed, resilience-building practices to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences & further trauma. Many resources including information and research, presentations, workshops, online events, online groups and forums, and evidenced-based state and community programs.

ACEs Too High  Information, news, and research about the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, developmental neurobiology (how severe stress and trauma affect a child’s developing brain and nervous system), and epigenetics (how our genes turn off and on in response to our experiences and social environment).

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative  Canadian initiative that connects early brain and biological development and children’s mental health with addiction research, prevention, and treatment. Many resources on brain development, epigenetics, trauma, and addiction.

Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children  ATTACh is an international coalition of parents, professionals, and others working to increase awareness about attachment and its critical importance to human development.

Attach-China International  Founded by a parent for parents of children adopted from China who have PTSD or other attachment issues, Attach-China educates parents of internationally adopted children about post-adoption issues, especially those related to Reactive Attachment Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder..

Attachment & Trauma Network  An international parent-led organization supporting families of traumatized and attachment-disordered children. Formed in 1995 by three adoptive moms who were struggling to raise children with attachment disorders, ATN provides training at regional and national adoption conferences, operates online support groups, and maintains a database of worldwide therapists and resources.

Attachment Disorder Support Group  Online support community and resource that promotes the education and understanding of Reactive Attachment Disorder, and special needs children.

Attachment Parenting International  Advocates nurturing parenting methods to create strong emotional bonds between an infant and parent(s). This strong attachment develops and fulfills an infant or child’s intrinsic need for trust, empathy, love and affection in order to create secure and enduring relationships. Attachment Parenting Forum and support groups.

Empathic Parenting  Website of the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

North American Council on Adoptable Children  Information, research, advocacy, and adoption support in the US and Canada, including database of parenting adopted and special needs children support groups.  Resources and online support forum for parents or others who are parenting children with reactive attachment disorder.

Reactive Attachment Disorder Support Group  An online community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorder, together.

Trauma Headquarters  The home of the Attachment Disorder Support Group (ADSG). If you have a child with a DSM-5 diagnosis, then most likely your child also suffers from trauma. Trauma Headquarters and ADSG share the same message forum, a community resource for parents, therapists, family members, and anyone wanting to learn more about raising difficult children.

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